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Ebonite International is a closed corporation that services bowling centers, distributors and retail outlets domestically and internationally. Ebonite International consists of six separate, distinct consumer brands. Each has its own identity, its own product attributes, and its own marketing approach. These brands include Ebonite, Hammer, Columbia 300, Track, Robby’s, and Powerhouse; its commercial product brand is Ebonite Bowling Center Direct.


Ebonite International is driven to remain the world’s best bowling company.









For over 109 years, Ebonite has created dependable products for those who love the game. Ebonite works hard to share the game they love with others, and exist to support them in their efforts.


Great products, sales programs, and educational tools – “Together, we will Bowl it Forward.”

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One of the factors contributing to the success of Columbia 300 is the eye catching colors and designs, which go along with using the pearlized, bright-colored polyester materials. The sheer beauty of the product makes it instantly acceptable. However, Columbia realizes no bowler will sacrifice one single pin off his score for the prestige of owning a beautiful ball.


As bowling balls are the exclusive product of Columbia 300, all research and development goes into the improvement of the striking sphere. Research into every aspect of making a better ball for the bowler goes on every day at Columbia 300.


Internationally, Columbia 300 products are known as the quality and performance leaders. In addition to the Columbia label, private label balls are also manufactured for various national and international customers.


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Hammer didn't start out as a brand. It started with a black ball called the Hammer that hit harder and knocked down more pins than other balls did.

That's where the name came from.


The inventors of the Hammer ball figured that performance mattered, and if they built a better ball, serious bowlers would want to throw it. They were right. And when they were compelled to produce another ball, they called it the Nail. And when new Hammer's came out in different colors they were appropriately named the Red Hammer and the Blue Hammer. No nonsense. Simply striking tools for serious bowlers. For winners. And thus, the Hammerheads were born.

Today Hammer continues this legacy every day by focusing on what matters to serious bowlers, and nothing else.


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Track Bowling was founded in the 1970’s with the goal of manufacturing balls for the bowler that wanted to be on the cutting edge of technology. Over the years, the company gained a reputation for new methods of ball design and development, including being one of the first manufacturers to experiment with ceramic cores. Many of the new methods and designs developed by Track went on to become industry standards.


It’s still the brand for a different kind of bowler, one who knows that when it comes to performance, it’s all about the engineering.



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Powerhouse™ is setting the standards in pro shop education, coaching, equipment and consumer supplies. Any product labeled with their name must meet stringent standards. Their technology, design and strict training programs are designed to support you and your business 100%.


Because of this, Powerhouse™ is the Pro Shop’s most trusted advisor and the only name in bowling that provides the most complete tools necessary for achieving bowling excellence.


Whether it’s tools and equipment for drilling, coaching, or pro shop management, or training on the newest technology, Powerhouse™ is here for you.


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Robby's products have been the rock that bowlers depend on to keep physically sharp and performing at their best. Just as there are many bowling styles, there are many physical issues a bowler must overcome to be successful.


Robby's gives support in many forms: support for a sore knee, added strength for a weak wrist, protection from bowling center environments , or the guarantee of a consistent slide to prevent future injuries.




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